Waiting for Gus Fring

Look, I’ll give you Jesse Pinkman, OK? Like you said, he’s the problem, he’s always been the problem and without him, we would… and he’s in town, alright?

He’s not in Virginia or wherever the hell you’re looking for him. He’s right here in Albuquerque and I can take you to him, I’ll take you right to him. What do you say? It’s complicated and I don’t wish to discuss.

It’s none of your concern. You know what, let’s just say that I have a hell of a lot more on my mind, right now, than thinking about buying a damn car wash. Okay? So if you could just, please.

Stop. Stop! You keep saying that word – danger… danger! No and I have never used that word. I said things were complicated. And then you flew off the handle! Gus is gonna make his move. I don’t know when, I don’t know where or how. All I know is it’s gonna happen.

Powerless to stop him. I have been waiting. I’ve been waiting all day. Waiting for Gus to send one of his men to kill me. And it’s you. Who do you know, who’s okay with using children, Jesse? Who do you know… who’s allowed children to be murdered… hmm?

Gus! He has, he has been ten steps ahead of me at every turn. And now, the one thing that he needed to finally get rid of me is your consent and boy he’s got that now. He’s got it. And not only does he have that, but he manipulated you into pulling the trigger for him.